Our Approach

We strategise, architect, design, and develop amazing mobile and web systems. We slash operational costs for our clients while increasing reliability by building highly-available and scalable “serverless” solutions in the cloud.

App Factory boasts the Gold Standard of software development, but at an affordable price tag.

Our Mission.

To build web and mobile apps that make our clients successful.

We makeour clientssuccessful.

We’ll do the same for you.

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Our Background


App Factory Store began in 2016 as a business specifically focused on mobile app development. App Factory Store Pty Ltd is a private company registered in NSW Australia.


Bringing together the skills of end-to-end software developer, with deep knowledge and extensive commercial experience in front-ends, back-ends, databases, and cloud technologies. Additionally specialities in solutions architecture, security, encryption, cryptocurrencies, and serverless technologies. With this skillset App Factory is able to deliver excellent product consistently and scalable solutions within time and cost constraints.


AFS is not your average software development company. There is a community ethic underlying the things we do. AFS participates in social responsibility projects, and often takes on part or full ownership of a project that it believes is of great value to the community, and to the world.

Our latest initiative is a new crowdfunding site, AFS Community Projects (AFS-CP), that will encourage the funding and completion of projects that are good for the community… Projects like these often have no clear monetisation path, which means they might not otherwise see the light of day. Through AFS-CP, these projects now have a chance to grow and flourish and potentially change the world for the better.


AFS is located in Pottsville Beach NSW, but our clients are from all over Australia and the world. We support local businesses where we can, and hire locally where we can, in the area when possible.

Meet the Team

Our team brings 50+ years of combined experience in architecting and building software.

We’ve helped a wide range of businesses over the years…