Designed to operate at scale, our Enterprise SEO combines a powerful content strategy with a proven exposure strategy, bringing you the best in both on-page and off-page SEO. Enterprise SEO is tuned to meet your budget and goals, includes regular reports, unlimited personal support, and offers volume-based discounts (coming soon).

Looking for something smaller or cheaper? Check out Fully Managed SEO. We also have SEO you can do yourself called DIY SEO.
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The 3 Components Of Enterprise SEO:


After some initial work of getting to know your website, your business niche, what locations you operate in, your Google rankings, and then sizing all of this up against your competitors, we create a detailed custom content strategy that is specific to your website. On a continuous basis, we audit your pages and identify the things (large or small) that need to be done to get your site ranking better in search engines.

We feed the results into an algorithm that weighs and scores these things in terms of effort vs outcome, and it then produces a prioritised list of tasks. This is where the magic happens, as our algorithms pick the low-hanging fruit first, focusing on optimal outcomes for least cost/effort. This process scales according to your SEO needs and budget. You can optionally complete your own content writing (nobody knows your subject matter better than you) or you can choose to simply check, modify, and approve the content we produce.

The AI-powered tasks and content suggestions in this part of the process come from the DIY Extend product in our DIY SEO offering (but with Enterprise SEO, we do the work, not you, by means of Pre-Paid hours – see the “Time” component).

The result of the process is a continuous flow of quality content production that can scale to suit your needs, your budget, the size of your site, and the desired speed of progress.


Few websites tick all of Google’s boxes. There are always dozens of technical obstacles (from tiny to huge) that stand in the way of getting Google to love your site. And so we start by learning: keyword analysis, keyword research, website analysis, competitor analysis… these things give us a picture of how you are positioned in relation to Google, and to your competitors. Then we work on technical issues, optimising your page meta tags, internal link structure, images, and H1/H2 heading tags. Our tools seek out broken Links, create and submit XML Sitemaps, and more. We fix and optimise your config (such as robots.txt) to remove settings that may be holding you back.

Then we work ongoing to teach search engines (like Google) what your site and content is about, who it is for, and why it is important. Every month, we’ll do a bunch of submissions, including search engines, local business directories, classified ad postings, social bookmarking, and more. Our content production feeds into this process, with fresh articles, blogs, and so on, all internally linked, with optimal keyword usage, monitored by our AI to keep you ahead of your competitors. And all of this will be tracked and reported in monthly ranking reports, Google Analytics report (statistics), and monthly work reports that you can use to see improvements over time.

This process scales according to your budget. It is made up of multiple Premium subscriptions from our Managed SEO products – simply choose how many Premium subscriptions you want. Larger sites need more, as do businesses who want to move faster with SEO.


With Pre-Paid Hours, we take care of all your content tasks for you. You get all the benefits of an active and evolving content strategy, without having to lift a finger.

Your site’s exposure takes a lot of hours each month, but that time is already built in to each of the Premium SEO subscriptions you select. These Pre-Paid Hours are purely for enhancing your content.

How many blocks of hours should you get? You can choose how fast you want to go by the number of blocks of hours you sign up for. If your site is already content-rich, it is likely that there is a lot of internal linking and keywords that need attention across many pages, so we’d suggest that larger sites with lots of content subscribe to 1 block of hours per 4 complex pages, to move at moderate speed. Double this to move fast. So if your site has 60 pages of which 12 of them are complex, start with 3 blocks of Pre-Paid hours to standard progress, or 5 or 6 blocks to go extra-fast. New websites or sites lacking content should start with a minimum of 2 blocks, but keep in mind that the more blocks you sign up to, the faster your content will be produced. So if you are wanting quick content growth, get as many Pre-Paid blocks as your budget allows. We will review from time to time and advise you if we think you should be adding or reducing your blocks.


Enterprise SEO is made up of the following SEO products:

Don’t be fooled by the name… in Enterprise SEO the DIY Extend product does not need to be something you do yourself. DIY Extend is our top content-based SEO product, and provides us with an AI-powered prioritised to-do list so we can continuously execute your site’s content strategy. DIY Extend with our Content Editor add-on costs A$649 + A$349 = A$998 per month. One-time setup costs $900. For more information about DIY Extend and Content Editor, visit our DIY SEO page (opens in a new tab).

Cost of this component: $1,000 per month (one-time setup: $900)

With Enterprise SEO there is a continuously updated to-list (provided by DIY Extend) and we carry out that work using Pre-Paid hours. How it works: You purchase a certain amount of hours per month (in multiples of 10) and we carry out your SEO tasks for you, logging our time as we go. We stop once we have used up the hours you have purchased. When a new month begins, the clock is reset and we go back to doing your tasks again. You can add blocks of hours at any time. Added blocks take effect immediately, assuming there is enough time left in your billing month for us to do those hours. To remove pre-paid blocks from your subscription, just let us know a few working days before the month ends and we will make the adjustment in your subscription.

Cost of this component: $1,200 per block per month

Premium SEO is our top managed SEO product. It is designed to scale by means of adding additional Premium SEO subscriptions. Enterprise SEO requires two or more subscriptions. Premium SEO packs a long list of SEO activities into a low price – see our Managed SEO page (opens in a new tab) to read about what is included. Each Premium SEO subscription costs A$2,395 per month. How many to get? At least two, but in general most clients select as many Premium SEO subscriptions as will fit in about 60% of their available digital marketing SEO budget.

Cost of this component: $2,395 per subscription per month (one-time setup: $1,899)

(The signup form below includes a calculator that makes it all very easy)

Looking for other kinds of SEO? Have a look at our Fully Managed SEO products, where we do it all, or our DIY SEO products, where we provide the strategy and to-do list for you.

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