Improve your position in Google search results and get more website traffic, through a custom content strategy that we create for you, delivered as a series of manageable tasks that you can complete yourself, at your own pace.

(Not into DIY? Check out our SEO Accelerate bundle or Fully Managed SEO where we do it all for you).

Do-It-Yourself SEO

Let’s face it, fully Managed SEO can get expensive. However there’s a lot that you can do yourself. There are two big issues holding most people back though: (a) not knowing what to do, and (b) lacking technical expertise on how to do it. Our DIY suite of subscription products was created to overcome these two challenges, and to do it at a much cheaper price point than Managed SEO. And we succeeded!

We have broken down the process of content SEO into just a few basic tasks, such as adding a few internal links, writing an article, and such. Tasks are provided with detailed instructions explaining in detail exactly what needs to be done. We’ve turned content SEO into a process so simple that anyone can do it. And because you are doing the tasks, while we just provide the strategy and the how-to, DIY is very much more affordable than Managed SEO!

The DIY SEO Process

After some initial work of getting to know your website, your business niche, what locations you operate in, your Google rankings, and then sizing all of this up against your competitors, we create a detailed custom content strategy that is specific to your website. On a continuous basis, we audit your pages and identify the things (large or small) that need to be done to get your site ranking better in search engines.

We feed the results into an algorithm that weighs and scores these things in terms of effort vs outcome, and it then produces a prioritised list of tasks. We send you tasks in small doses, and as you complete them, we send more. Writing tasks have detailed guidelines including exactly what keywords to use and how often. And our AI-powered Content Editor lets you do it all at lightning speed!


It could be said that our Managed SEO products are focused on increasing exposure of your site, as it is, to Google and to potential visitors, thus driving traffic to your site. Our DIY SEO products on the other hand, are focused on improving your website’s content, so that Google understands it better, and ranks your site better relative to your competitors, thus driving traffic to your site.

While these products both have the same ultimate goal, they go about it in different ways. But exciting things happen when they are combined! You see, content creation needs exposure for best results, and exposure needs content to put out there. In this way, DIY SEO and Managed SEO can work together for amazing results. This is such a powerful combination that we’ve even created a bundle for it, see SEO Accelerate for more info.


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Do-it-yourself not for you? Have a look at our Fully Managed SEO or Enterprise SEO, where we do it all!
If you want to learn more, see how we make a difference to SEO in Sydney and learn the secrets of SEO on the Gold Coast.
Or take a look at our cheap but powerful once-off SEO packages.

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Optional extras to help you get the most out of your SEO.

Content Editor

Writing articles has never been easier... or more effective for SEO!

Our Content Editor provides a way to supercharge all your content writing tasks, whether they’re blog posts, articles, how-tos – just about anything. It has access to real-time data about your site, competitors, rankings, keywords, and more, and can provide AI-driven guidelines of what to write about, how to write, how much to write, what keywords to include, and much more. Then it assesses what you write as you write it, giving text suggestions and a content score as you go. The goal is to help you quickly produce highly readable and engaging content, while at the same time giving you the best possible chance for SEO success. Bottom line: follow the guidelines to appeal to human readers, while at the same time improving your SEO and search engine rankings.

Here is a summary of features:

  • Can generate an outline for your article, as a content brief, giving suggestions of (unique) catchy headings, questions, etc.
  • Plagiarism checking tool to help ensure you haven’t inadvertently copied someone else’s content.
  • Integration with Wordpress – save your article as a Wordpress draft, save as you go, publish to your site with a click – all without leaving the editor.
  • Introduce new keywords (additional to what is in the task) and the editor will score on that basis also.
  • Large editing area (with full formatting toolbar) with all tools and metrics easily accessible in a sidebar on the right.
  • Competitor analysis shows you how your competitors rank for the subject matter.
    • Choose which competitors you want to go up against (eg: maybe you don’t need to compete with sites that are unrelated or don’t serve your locations).
    • See content score and Authority Score (backlink effectiveness) for each competitor.
    • Competitors you pick or exclude will impact the required content structure in real time.
    • Automatically picks competitors for you at the start, based on our competitive analysis, so you can just start writing if you like.
    • Distinguishes between keywords that should be used as headings vs used in the text.
  • NLP (natural language processing) analysis in real time to help you see that all keywords are being used effectively.
  • Topics and questions, broken down into groups of “People also ask” and “Competitors”.
  • Real-time score! The editor assesses all the metrics as you type, to show your score as a gauge.
  • Drill down into the score to see how you are doing for Structure, Headings, Terms, and NLP.
  • Fully integrated with DIY SEO Extend:
    • Your DIY article tasks will specify a target content editor score to aim for.
    • All the task requirements, keywords, etc, will be automatically loaded into the editor – no need to set anything up, just start writing.
    • With each article task we give you a URL which loads the editor with everything already set up for the particular article you need to write.

Content Editor is an Add-On that is available with the DIY SEO Extend product. If you are signing up for the first time, select the “Yes” option for the Content Editor Add-On, to add it to your subscription. If you are already subscribed to DIY SEO Extend and you want to add the Content Editor, please either contact us, or fill in the signup form, selecting the Content Editor Add-On. Be sure to include the correct URL (web address) of your website, so we can add it to your subscription.

Content Editor pricing is shown in the signup form.

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Pre-Paid Hours

Put your SEO content tasks on autopilot!

With Pre-Paid Hours, we take care of all your content tasks for you. You get all the benefits of an active and evolving content strategy, without having to lift a finger.

How it works: You purchase a certain amount of hours per month (in multiples of 10) and we carry out your SEO tasks for you, logging our time as we go. We stop once we have used up the hours you have purchased. When a new month begins, the clock is reset and we go back to doing your tasks again.

Pre-Paid Hours is an Add-On that is available with the DIY SEO Extend product only. If you are signing up for the first time, select the desired number of Pre-Paid Hours in the signup form, to add those hours to your subscription each month. If you are already subscribed to DIY SEO Extend, please either contact us, or fill in the signup form, selecting an option in Pre-Paid Hours dropdown. Be sure to include the correct URL (web address) of your website, so we can add it to your subscription.

Pricing for blocks of Pre-Paid Hours are shown in the signup form.

Handy Tip: Combining the Pre-Paid Hours add-on for DIY SEO Extend with SEO Premium (one of our managed SEO products) can take your SEO to the next level! See the SEO Accelerate bundle for more details.

Note: This covers Pre-Paid Hours as part of a subscription plan. However you can also buy them on a once-off basis, for whatever tech work you need done. See our Pre-Paid Blocks package.

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SEO Accelerate

Scale up your SEO by combining content generation with Fully Managed SEO.

As you can see, the DIY SEO Extend product is phenomenal for producing quality content. Likewise our fully managed Premium SEO product is the best of its kind for exposing your content. By combining these two products, and adding in some Pre-Paid Hours, we have created the SEO Accelerate bundle that takes care of all your SEO in a way that is fully hands-off for you, and lets you move at whatever speed you want. Our team will carry out your content tasks that flow from SEO Extend each month, and we’ll also run your managed SEO activities. This is an incredibly powerful combination that brings the best of both worlds to your website’s SEO.

This bundle is ideal for enterprise clients, because it can scale in two ways:

  1. The number of SEO Premium subscriptions can be scaled to increase the amount of managed SEO that we do each month (which results in more keywords that rank higher in search engines); and
  2. The amount of Pre-Paid Hour blocks can be increased (which results in more and better content that ranks higher in search engines).

Of course the fact that this bundle can scale also means it is affordable even for small businesses, which might choose to start with 1 x DIY SEO Extend, plus 1 x SEO Premium, plus 1 x block of 10 Pre-Paid Hours. This is entry level for this bundle, but a small business starting here won’t be small for long!

SEO Accelerate is a bundle that is available with the DIY SEO Extend product only. If you are signing up for the first time, select the desired number of Pre-Paid Hours, and the number of SEO Premium subscriptions in the signup form – the bundle won’t be active until you do both. If you are already subscribed to DIY SEO Extend or SEO Premium, please either contact us and advise the number of Pre-Paid Hours and Premium Subscriptions you’d like, or fill in the signup form, selecting options as above. Be sure to include the correct URL (web address) of your website, so we can add it to your subscription.

Pricing for the SEO Accelerate bundle is shown in the signup form.

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