Improve your position in Google search results and get more website traffic.
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Step 1

Research and Repair

We start by learning: keyword analysis, keyword research, website analysis, competitor analysis… these things give us a picture of how you are positioned in relation to Google, and to your competitors. Then we work on technical issues, optimising your page meta tags, internal link structure, images, and H1/H2 heading tags. Our tools seek out broken Links, create and submit XML Sitemaps, and more. We fix and optimise your config (such as robots.txt) to remove settings that may be holding you back.

Step 2

Ongoing SEO

Here we work to teach search engines (like Google) what your site is about, who it is for, and why it is important. Every month, we’ll do a bunch of submissions, including search engines, local business directories, classified ad postings, social bookmarking, and more. We will write and submit articles, create and post WordPress blogs, create product or business listings. And all of this will be tracked and reported in monthly ranking reports, Google Analytics report (statistics), and monthly work reports that you can use to see improvements over time.

Step 3


This is where you reap the benefits of ongoing SEO. Our job is to bring an ever-growing stream of visitors to your site. Your job will be to convert them into customers or subscribers or members per your business model. Jeff Eisenberg famously once said: “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” This is true, but with us doing your SEO, you’ll be able to do both. We’ll take care of the hard part – the traffic.

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