Send Us Your Website Access Details In A Completely Secure Way

This page allows you to securely send us your login, password, and other information relating to your website, so that we can work on it.

In the form below, everything that you enter in the “Message” box gets encrypted here (in your browser, before connecting to our server) and the encrypted data is sent directly to the tech team that will work on your site.

Please provide all the details in the “Message” box below. If you don’t have them all, please send your order number and the address of this page to your webmaster or whoever is looking after your website.

Handy tip: We prefer that you don’t send us details of your main Wordpress admin account. Rather create a new administrator account for us in Wordpress, and send us those details. That way, when the work is done and we no longer require access, you can easily disable or delete the account without impacting the rest of your website.