Pre-Paid Block of Hours

$1,350.00 +GST

Buy a block of Pre-Paid Hours from us to get whatever you need done on your website, SEO, hosting, email, or any other techie things. Pre-Paid Blocks last up to a year.

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About Pre-Paid Blocks

A single block of Pre-Paid hours consists of 10 hours of work that we do for you.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you with Pre-Paid Blocks:

  • Do work on your website.
  • Check or fix things with your SEO.
  • Consult or provide SEO or web development advice.
  • Check or fix a suspected website hack/compromise.
  • Run security scans and check the cyber health of your website.
  • Train you to use WordPress, write content, and more.
  • Audit webpages for SEO, competitor analysis, or performance.
  • Write articles or blog posts for your site.
  • And much more.

Pre-Paid Blocks are great for adding value to our DIY SEO plans. These provide you with a content strategy in the form of actionable weekly tasks. With a purchase of Pre-Paid Blocks, we can help you with any backlog for your tasks. This product a once-off purchase of Pre-Paid Blocks, but you can also subscribe to Pre-Paid Blocks as part of our DIY Extend plan. Apart from being cheaper, it also maximises your outcomes from SEO. To add Pre-Paid Blocks as a plan, complete the DIY SEO signup form.

You can purchase as many blocks as you need, the hours can be used at any time within a 12-month period after purchase.

What’s Included

  • Each Pre-Paid Block consists of 10 hours.
  • We track our work in timesheets, and send you a full breakdown afterwards.
  • The hours in Pre-Paid Blocks last for 12 months from order date.

What We Need

The info we need from you depends on what you want us to do in these hours. If it involves work on your website and/or web hosting, or anything that requires a login, we will need:


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